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Michael B. Hunter of MulvihillHunter, LLC, is a skilled real estate attorney who regularly provides advice and counsel to business owners, organizations and government officials encountering challenges regarding application of state and local real estate laws. He partners with each of his clients on numerous types of real estate transactions, including:

  • Commercial real estate: Our firm works with numerous business clients in a variety of complex transactions such as the purchase or sale of commercial property, commercial lease negotiation, financing and title review. Additionally, we also advise our clients on issues involving:
    • Zoning
    • Development
    • Liens and encumbrances
    • Access and easement issues
  • Land use law: We handle a broad array of land use issues for our municipal regulation clients. The experience and knowledge we have accumulated through the years is shared with our clients, as we prepare to represent them on issues that may involve governmental bodies such as local and county development departments, city councils, county legislatures, condemnation commissions, planning commissions, economic development authorities or the Courts.

One benefit our clients appreciate at MulvihillHunter, LLC, is Michael B. Hunter’s experience and his current role as the Jackson County Land Trust Land Commissioner. Mr. Hunter is able to stay politically abreast of the county’s and state’s rules and regulations surrounding real estate. As a result, our firm is prepared if new legislation or court decisions have an effect on our clients’ real estate tax issues.

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