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Dependable Service Leads To Savings and Refunds

Commercial property owners understand how to manage their properties and maximize the value of their holdings. However, they count on MulvihillHunter, LLC, to help them navigate state and local governments’ unique property tax systems. Attorney Michael B. Hunter currently serves as the Jackson County Land Trust Land Commissioner. Within this role, he has up-to-date information pertaining to the county’s changing real estate and property tax environment.

Commercial property values can change quickly and dramatically. Our firm is dedicated to working on behalf of our commercial real estate clients to obtain the most accurate and favorable property tax valuation for each assessment year. In recent years, our firm and its predecessor have obtained more than $20 million in property tax savings and refunds for clients. It is exactly this kind of dedication to our clients’ needs that keeps them coming back year after year for our firm’s assistance.

We work hard to obtain a fair and equitable property tax value for each of our clients. If a client’s tax bill is higher than anticipated, we meet with the assessor to negotiate an accurate tax assessment. Subsequently, unacceptable tax assessments are appealed to local and state administrative taxing authorities, and occasionally to Missouri and Kansas Courts.

The Proof Is In the Savings

If you believe that the appraisal on your property is too high, you may want to hire a property tax attorney who understands Missouri and Kansas local and state property tax laws. An experienced property tax attorney can challenge the tax assessment and try to obtain tax relief. If you would like to discuss what options may be available for you, contact us online or call us at 816-548-1064 to schedule an appointment.

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