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When choosing the right law firm for your specific needs, bigger is not always better.

MulvihillHunter, LLC

Great Lawyers Are Created By Great Clients

Attorney Michael B. Hunter of MulvihillHunter, LLC, has dedicated the past 26 years to working closely with clients to advise them on their legal concerns. During this time, he has assisted clients with issues pertaining to commercial property tax and real estate cases involving land use, zoning and development. In recent years, his law firm has saved clients more than $20 million in property taxes and refunds. That is money that businesses can reinvest in their companies to help them prosper and grow.

While their results speak for themselves, attorneys Joe Mulvihill and Michael Hunter know that the relationships that have evolved with clients over the years are what have contributed to the success of their firm.

What We Do, We Do Well

State and local rules involving real estate and land use are complicated. MulvihillHunter, LLC, takes the time to understand the intricacies of these laws so that they can apply them to each client’s legal situation effectively. Areas the firm focuses on include:

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We are more than just a law firm whose successful outcome relies on the amount of billable hours dedicated to a case. We deliver on performance and experience and are proud to put these skills to use for our clients. Call our Kansas City, Missouri, firm today at 816-548-1064 or contact us online to find out how we are able to help you.

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